Monday, February 16, 2009

Sugar Lifting Record?

Humans may lift weights. Me...I lift sugar. Managed to get a 10 pound bag of sugar out of the "secured" cabinet. Carried it about 11 feet and spilled about 2 cups. Not bad for only my second attempt. First attempt—20 feet only spilling 3 cups. That was back on the "buckwheat pancake mix-cream of wheat day" posted earlier.

Wonder which is better? Someone will do the math.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Cat Food

Found out the stick in the drawer handles is easy to move. Eureka!!! Moist cat food. Shared 10 bags with Caribou and Indigo. I did eat most of it though. I know why dogs are not supposed to eat cat food - I got very sick in the middle of the night.

The humans say I am stinker naughty. Guess that is when one is very smart and being naughty.

It is fun to listen to how the humans are going to keep me out of these drawers. Just two days ago, with one of them in the kitchen, I sauntered over to the drawers and pulled the bottom one open. Had to show my talent with one of them watching.