Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It is Winter Around Here

My sister, Indigo, has to wear a coat because she does not have much hair.

Me? I get to wear a dog pack with rocks! (I overhear the humans talking about my weight and I need to lose some pounds.) I do think I am sporty looking.

My brother, Caribou, is so in his element. Mr. Husky is right at home in the snow and cold. I am thinking I should attach a sled and he could take me for a walk!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thanks for Coming to My New Home

Thanks for coming to this new home. I put the posts from my other home here for you to enjoy.

My adventures continue.

The Humans Are Getting Smarter

If you read what I wrote about the "cabinet adventures" in a recent post, you will understand just how much fun I have when the humans are gone.

They would tell you that they are smart, however, they just recently passed that test. I can't even tell you the number of times I have gotten into the cabinets with food. They just think it is a one time deal. How can that be? I have done this a bajillion times!

Well, they finally put pots and pans in the spot I got into. I keep opening the cupboard in hopes that they will leave food. Okay I know there is not food, but I think it is absolutely a hoot to see them come home and grumble about my getting into the cupboard again. How dumb do they think I am?

They put all of these eatables in a drawer thing, Aaaaah, another puzzle. I learned how to pull the drawer out! Pretty smart for a Sharprador (Shar Pei/Labrador for those who are not up to date on the latest "mutt news.")

Now, they put a stick in the handles of all three drawers. It is only a matter of time!

Oooops I did it again

The humans once again put some bags of food in the cupboard. They went shopping for healthy dog treats and stored them in the bottom cupboard. Yesterday I had some time on my hands and thought I would check it out. "EUREKA!" was my cry. There was more. I wriggled my 80 pound body a distance of two and a half feet from the right cupboard to the left and pulled out not one, not two, but three bags of treats!

I shared a few with Indigo and Caribou. Mostly though I ate it all myself. I don't feel so well. I feel like those humans who eat too much on Thanksgiving!

I had to go outside a whole bunch of times and I am drinking water like crazy. The humans are calling me "Gascious Clay."

They used to say that I was smart stupid. I learn some things and not others. Well, I learned where the snacks were didn't I? Who is stupid now?

The Other Characters

I realized you do not know what the other characters in the house look like. You saw Caribou, my big brother.

Meet Indigo and PV.

Indigo is sort of a dork because she chases bubbles. She got this one.

On our walk today, she picked up a frozen dead bird and was carrying it along. The humans don't really know what her breed is. I say 100% crazy.

Get this - she would stare at the trees for hours in hopes that a squirrel will fall and she can do some chasing. Man, talk about a stiff neck! Some kind of crazy.

PV, the cat. She is something like 15. We would love her to play, she does not want to. I just try to touch her with my nose to let her know I am there. She gets all hissy and everything. I usually hear "leave it" from the humans.

Garbage, Cream of Wheat, pancake mix, and more

The escapades continue. Last week one of the humans was in a rush to run an errand. The garbage got emptied and then forgotten in the kitchen. Hot diggity! All three of us, well not so much Caribou because he is not so into misbehaving, got into it pretty good. Coffee grounds, a lovely cooked chicken breast that the humans tried to conceal in an empty sour cream container - ha, found it!- and of course those tomatoes that were too old for humans. Ahhhh, the stomach ache. I tried to be sneaky by taking the sour cream container on the bed and ate the chicken there. Just forgot to take it back with the rest of the garbage. Darn. They know it was me.

The next day...more excitement. The humans put a child lock on one cabinet that I have gotten into. There is this other door that they have not figured out yet. So...I found my way into it. The first time all I got was the Cream of Wheat. Our daytime caregiver came to let us out and found Cream of Wheat on the carpet, along with the mangled cardboard. Oh, she felt bad. Don't know why - we didn't.

Then, one of the humans came home from work. Yikes. We were in trouble. Got into the cabinet again and this time got the buckwheat pancake mix and Cheerios. We also left a couple of mounds of stuff that did not agree with our stomachs on the floor. We had stomach aches big time. I am pretty sure it was the Cream of Wheat.

Just yesterday, I thought I could investigate the cupboard one more time. Those humans got smart, only canned goods down there now. I got caught. The cabinet is only 2 feet deep and human came into the kitchen to see my rear end. The rest of me was in the cupboard. Now, I am 80 pounds and my rear is not the prettiest part to look at. I am so glad that the paparazzi was nowhere near.

Just think...the holidays are around the corner. Reminds me of last Christmas when I got the box of chocolates, which were wrapped. Ahhh, chocolate!

My Mouth...

gets me in big trouble. Remember, I am a lab. There was this time when I went into the purse of my dog-sitter, the humans were out of town, and I found her mp3 player. Score! It was small and I thought I should taste it. Wasn't that good. Cost the humans a little extra money.

I have tried tasting remote controls, two of them to be exact. That did not go over so well. The one that cost the most money for the humans to replace was a digital camera. There it was on the table outside, just sitting there. I looked around for the human. There, by the back fence. Just strolled over to the table and had myself a digital camera. Not a pretty sight. It did not work anymore.

I like to think I am growing out of that phase. It is a good thing. It got me in a lot of trouble. I always wondered why humans leave things out—shoes, remotes, cameras, clothes. They had to know I would taste them.

AND THEN...Oh, did I do it this time. The humans both left. I sniffed out a bag of cookies that were stashed behind the coffee maker. Up go my paws. Sniffer is turned on. YES! Not one bag, but two. I can't quite reach both of them, alas, I could grab one.

Into the living room I go. It did not take long before they were all gone. Share with the other two? Nope. If I am going to get a stomach ache, I want to feel bad all by myself.

What kind of cookies? Pumpkin Chocolate Chip!!!

Hello World!

I am a rescue dog, not just any rescue dog. My mom was a rescue and I was not born yet. So, I was born at a foster home.

RPAW—Rescued Pets Are Wonderful—did a great job of taking care of my mom and us when we were born. A foster mom took us in until it was time to go to a new forever home.

The humans went to buy cat litter for PV. Pretty odd name for a cat, I found out after I got to my new house the humans like math and it stood for Place Value—go figure!

Anyway, I was at the front of the store in this little kennel with my siblings. My original name was Charlotte. Ugh. I am so not a Charlotte. Well, PV did get her cat litter and I got the humans. What a deal. I went home to see my brother Caribou. He was so nice to me. I was only three months old, but weighed in at 16 pounds with some pretty big paws.

My first night at home was not scary at all. Caribou took care of me and showed me the ropes around the house. I knew where I was supposed to go to the bathroom, the kennel where I would sleep, and most of all where the cat hung out. I like her, but she does not much like me.

Here is a picture of us on my first day home. He is teaching about toys.


The life and times of Kona—that's me hiding in the hosta plant. The humans I live with were not particularly happy about me hiding. I liked it though because I could secretly spy on the other two dogs that live with me. I am a middle dog and just turned three.

My older brother is a Husky mix, my younger sister is Boxer, Beagle, German Short-Haired Pointer, and maybe some Pit. Oh, the little one is a blend of crazy. I also live with a cat. She doesn't much hang with me.

I hope you enjoy as I tell you about my life. It is always an adventure.