Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Garbage, Cream of Wheat, pancake mix, and more

The escapades continue. Last week one of the humans was in a rush to run an errand. The garbage got emptied and then forgotten in the kitchen. Hot diggity! All three of us, well not so much Caribou because he is not so into misbehaving, got into it pretty good. Coffee grounds, a lovely cooked chicken breast that the humans tried to conceal in an empty sour cream container - ha, found it!- and of course those tomatoes that were too old for humans. Ahhhh, the stomach ache. I tried to be sneaky by taking the sour cream container on the bed and ate the chicken there. Just forgot to take it back with the rest of the garbage. Darn. They know it was me.

The next day...more excitement. The humans put a child lock on one cabinet that I have gotten into. There is this other door that they have not figured out yet. So...I found my way into it. The first time all I got was the Cream of Wheat. Our daytime caregiver came to let us out and found Cream of Wheat on the carpet, along with the mangled cardboard. Oh, she felt bad. Don't know why - we didn't.

Then, one of the humans came home from work. Yikes. We were in trouble. Got into the cabinet again and this time got the buckwheat pancake mix and Cheerios. We also left a couple of mounds of stuff that did not agree with our stomachs on the floor. We had stomach aches big time. I am pretty sure it was the Cream of Wheat.

Just yesterday, I thought I could investigate the cupboard one more time. Those humans got smart, only canned goods down there now. I got caught. The cabinet is only 2 feet deep and human came into the kitchen to see my rear end. The rest of me was in the cupboard. Now, I am 80 pounds and my rear is not the prettiest part to look at. I am so glad that the paparazzi was nowhere near.

Just think...the holidays are around the corner. Reminds me of last Christmas when I got the box of chocolates, which were wrapped. Ahhh, chocolate!

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