Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer 2009

Me in the hosta and relaxing in the pool. Think I would look good in a bikini?
Caribou dipping his nose in the pool. He is cooling off.
Indigo hiding by the fountain. She thinks I won't see her in the game of chase.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am feeling much better. I get to go on walks now. Taking it slow and remembering all of the good grass eating spots. Not behaving too well on the walks right now. Humans are pretty tolerant as they think it has been so long. Hah! Just being naughty.

Up to my old tricks in the garbage. Step on the pedal, the top opens, and TADA! As they say on the commercials, Mmmm Mmmmm good!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

They Just Don't Get It!

Will they ever learn? I have been in a one human household for the last week and a half. Bummer, I like the one who is in New Orleans. A softy. The one at home? Forgetful. Human went to the store, bought cat treats and left them on the cupboard.

Used the "I am lame" excuse. Was outside for a bit and then pretended to go lay in my kennel like I did early in the injury stage. Instead, found the cat treats.

Gas-i-lishious! I could not believe that came out of me. Toot, toot. P-U

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Off to the Vet

Had an accident. Was in the backyard, doing the usual play stuff with Indigo and Caribou. I was in the big pool and jumped out. Caught my back legs on the pool and came down pretty hard on my left front leg. I went down and started to cry. I know it was not real lady like to be on my back with legs in the air and wailing, but it really hurt!

Emergency visit to the vet. I love St. Francis Animal and Bird Hospital.

They are some pretty special people. Took me in and one of my favorite vet techs found time to give me a squishy face. She likes my extra flappage!

Deep tissue damage. No walks for 10-14 days! Rest, rest, rest. It has been four days and I am going stir crazy. I heard the humans talking about getting me a red wagon so I could go for a walk. That would look dorky, however I could get out! At least it is not a basket on a bike. Have you seen those dogs? How humiliating.

I can see the name of the wagon - not Radio Flyer. Kona's Konvalescence Kart!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Humans are painting the kitchen. Mmmm. Why would I not want to rub against the wall, leave some of my small labrador hairs, and cause angst for the humans. I don't understand why they would paint it yellow when they know I have brown hair!

Do I have to teach them everything?

Friday, July 3, 2009


Humans had friends over on a summer day. They were eating snacks and having beverages on the patio. An absolutely lovely day for them. For me? An occasional visit to the patio and some pats on the head. (Guests thought I was kind of cute!)

Then...sneak to the kitchen. Don't they ever learn? Leave food in the kitchen unsupervised and I find a way. What did I spy? Hummus. Never tried it, yet, seemed as good a day as any.

Stretched my body up to the top of the table - about 42" and then had to stretch my head and tongue another 6-8". Alas, hummus. The humans would never have known except I came out of the house with hummus on my nose and somehow it got on my back. Must have slurped too hard.

It was not too bad. Would have been better with crackers.