Sunday, July 12, 2009

Off to the Vet

Had an accident. Was in the backyard, doing the usual play stuff with Indigo and Caribou. I was in the big pool and jumped out. Caught my back legs on the pool and came down pretty hard on my left front leg. I went down and started to cry. I know it was not real lady like to be on my back with legs in the air and wailing, but it really hurt!

Emergency visit to the vet. I love St. Francis Animal and Bird Hospital.

They are some pretty special people. Took me in and one of my favorite vet techs found time to give me a squishy face. She likes my extra flappage!

Deep tissue damage. No walks for 10-14 days! Rest, rest, rest. It has been four days and I am going stir crazy. I heard the humans talking about getting me a red wagon so I could go for a walk. That would look dorky, however I could get out! At least it is not a basket on a bike. Have you seen those dogs? How humiliating.

I can see the name of the wagon - not Radio Flyer. Kona's Konvalescence Kart!

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