Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hello World!

I am a rescue dog, not just any rescue dog. My mom was a rescue and I was not born yet. So, I was born at a foster home.

RPAW—Rescued Pets Are Wonderful—did a great job of taking care of my mom and us when we were born. A foster mom took us in until it was time to go to a new forever home.

The humans went to buy cat litter for PV. Pretty odd name for a cat, I found out after I got to my new house the humans like math and it stood for Place Value—go figure!

Anyway, I was at the front of the store in this little kennel with my siblings. My original name was Charlotte. Ugh. I am so not a Charlotte. Well, PV did get her cat litter and I got the humans. What a deal. I went home to see my brother Caribou. He was so nice to me. I was only three months old, but weighed in at 16 pounds with some pretty big paws.

My first night at home was not scary at all. Caribou took care of me and showed me the ropes around the house. I knew where I was supposed to go to the bathroom, the kennel where I would sleep, and most of all where the cat hung out. I like her, but she does not much like me.

Here is a picture of us on my first day home. He is teaching about toys.


The life and times of Kona—that's me hiding in the hosta plant. The humans I live with were not particularly happy about me hiding. I liked it though because I could secretly spy on the other two dogs that live with me. I am a middle dog and just turned three.

My older brother is a Husky mix, my younger sister is Boxer, Beagle, German Short-Haired Pointer, and maybe some Pit. Oh, the little one is a blend of crazy. I also live with a cat. She doesn't much hang with me.

I hope you enjoy as I tell you about my life. It is always an adventure.

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