Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Mouth...

gets me in big trouble. Remember, I am a lab. There was this time when I went into the purse of my dog-sitter, the humans were out of town, and I found her mp3 player. Score! It was small and I thought I should taste it. Wasn't that good. Cost the humans a little extra money.

I have tried tasting remote controls, two of them to be exact. That did not go over so well. The one that cost the most money for the humans to replace was a digital camera. There it was on the table outside, just sitting there. I looked around for the human. There, by the back fence. Just strolled over to the table and had myself a digital camera. Not a pretty sight. It did not work anymore.

I like to think I am growing out of that phase. It is a good thing. It got me in a lot of trouble. I always wondered why humans leave things out—shoes, remotes, cameras, clothes. They had to know I would taste them.

AND THEN...Oh, did I do it this time. The humans both left. I sniffed out a bag of cookies that were stashed behind the coffee maker. Up go my paws. Sniffer is turned on. YES! Not one bag, but two. I can't quite reach both of them, alas, I could grab one.

Into the living room I go. It did not take long before they were all gone. Share with the other two? Nope. If I am going to get a stomach ache, I want to feel bad all by myself.

What kind of cookies? Pumpkin Chocolate Chip!!!

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