Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Other Characters

I realized you do not know what the other characters in the house look like. You saw Caribou, my big brother.

Meet Indigo and PV.

Indigo is sort of a dork because she chases bubbles. She got this one.

On our walk today, she picked up a frozen dead bird and was carrying it along. The humans don't really know what her breed is. I say 100% crazy.

Get this - she would stare at the trees for hours in hopes that a squirrel will fall and she can do some chasing. Man, talk about a stiff neck! Some kind of crazy.

PV, the cat. She is something like 15. We would love her to play, she does not want to. I just try to touch her with my nose to let her know I am there. She gets all hissy and everything. I usually hear "leave it" from the humans.

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