Saturday, August 1, 2009

One comes Home...

...the other leaves. Last week both gone until Thursday night. Aaaaah, one home Thursday night and then a really late Friday night plane for the other. I got to go on a walk and meet some new neighbors today. Weather was great! Time for an afternoon nap!

My favorite time is having both humans home.

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Princess Fifi said...

Dear Kona,
Mom (the human who always smells nice) is leaving tomorrow for 5 whole days! I will miss her, but I will be missing her from my rightful perch on the pillow next to Dad. When Mom is home, she gets the pillow. Sometimes I think they forget I am the princess in this house. I hope Caribou and Indigo are helping you not to be lonely while your humans are away!
Yours truly,
Fifi (Princess of Pomerania)